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Piu Ghosh Enigmatixmedia

Piu Ghosh

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Arup Sarkar Enigmatixmedia

Arup Sarkar

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Makeup Artist From Guwahati

Suchanda Nath Enigmatixmedia

Suchanda Nath

Dance Academy From Guwahati

IRS Dance Academy Enigmatixmedia

IRS Dance Academy

Mintu Sharma

Fashion Photographer From Guwahati

Traditional Look Priyanka Saini Enigmatixmedia

Folk Band - Shuktara

Folk Band - Shuktara

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Fresh Face Enigmatixmedia

Introducing Gayatri Sarkar

Makeup Artist From Guwahati

Gayatri Sarkar Enigmatixmedia

Meet Sumit Debnath

Sumit Debnath Photographer Enigmatixmedia

Photographer From Kolkata

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Traditional Look

Priyanka Saini

Traditional Look Priyanka Saini Enigmatixmedia

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Actress From Pune

Tamishra Actress Enigmatixmedia

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